How Men Can Talk To Women With Confidence

  Sure Fire Ways to Approach Any Woman How men can talk to women with confidence, here are some awesome tips to help you be charming and personable. 1. Be Yourself Everyone loves people that are happy, confident and themselves. Arguably, you can tell when someone is putting on an act. Real people are genuine […]

Men Never Recover From Heartbreak

Women and Men’s Heartbreak are Totally Different Women show heartbreak immediately and get over it eventually. Men never recover from heartbreak, even after years and years have gone by. After a break up, men are like Leo in the Titanic, screaming “I am king of the world”. In reality, they are just masking their heartache. […]

We All Have Deluded Minds

We all have deluded minds, can we overcome this We have all been deluded by someone saying things we want to hear. In reality it is to appease themselves. Coming from previous actions that happen in our lives, our deluded minds feel that this is how life should always be. Lies from a loved one […]

Same Old Story Over & Over

┬áRinse and Repeat. I hear the same old story, over and over again It literally breaks my heart when I hear the same old story as mine. That someone was broken up with you in a text message. To me that just screams COWARD! The definition of coward is:a person who lacks the courage to […]

Why Is Dating So Difficult Today

Dating Today:Why is Dating So Difficult and Tiring Why is dating so difficult? Everyone begins dating at different ages, I was 16. Thinking back, I wish I had focused on school and waited to date, until I was a more mature. My first boyfriend was a fabulous man. He was good-looking, sweet, and had a […]